Yen-Chen Wu


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Hailing from Tainan, Taiwan, Yen-Chen Wu began studying bassoon at the age of 9. Her interest and talent in bassoon performing as a young student has grown ever since.

By winning the Second Prize of the 2015 Serge & Olga Koussevitzky Young Artist Awards for all woodwinds and brass instruments, Ms. Wu became the first bassoonist to win a Koussevitzky Young Artist Award since 1983. In addition, Ms. Wu has received several major awards, including First Prize at the Tainan student competition and the Taipei student competition several times.

Having won several concerto competitions, she has played as a soloist with orchestras in major cities around Taiwan, including her solo concerto debut at age 16 with the National Tainan Girl’s High School. After performing as a concerto soloist with University of Taipei and Taipei Wind Orchestra, she received Second Prize in the 2013 International Solo Competition of the Asian Double Reed Association. As a result, Ms. Wu performed the Weber Andante e Rondo Ungarese, Op.35 with the Taipei Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to playing in her school orchestras, Ms. Wu has performed with several orchestras including the Tainan Symphony Orchestra and Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Ms. Wu earned her bachelor degree in University of Taipei with Chia-Chu Hsu, and is currently pursuing her master degree with Frank Morelli at the Yale School of Music, and playing as a member of Yale Philharmonic Orchestra.