Ivan Mutuzkin


A native of Russia, flutist Ivan Mutuzkin captivates audiences with his stunning virtuosity combined with heartfelt lyricism and interpretive sensitivity. He has won top prizes at international and nation flute competitions such as All-Russian competition (Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 1999), The Fifth International Woodwind Competition (Russia, Tolyatti, 1999), International Competition “Virtuosos of XX Century” (Russia Moscow, 2001), International Competition of Performers (Tunbridge Wells, England, 2006) among others.

Ivan has performed as a soloist and with orchestras in Italy, Spain, Norway, England, and throughout his native Russia. He has been a teaching Artist in Residence at the Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory since 2009. Ivan is the author of book entitled "Experimental Flute in Twentieth Century Music" (based on examples of compositions for solo flute by foreign composers).