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The following sheet music and performing rights are available directly from the composer, Mira J. Spektor

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Catalogue of Music by Mira J. Spektor

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Lady of the Castle: “… this musical work is moving and poignant… lyrical and subtle…”  – Doris Gold, Biblio Press

Villa Diodati – “Attractive and tonal...recalled some of the more gracious music in Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti. Particularly appealing was a duet between Mary [Shelley] and Percy Shelley, ‘There is No Heaven but my Love.’” – Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

The Passion of Lizzie Borden“Ms. Spektor, an interesting composer...a passionate duet for Lizzie Borden and her sister.” – John Rockwell, The New York Times

The Housewives’ Cantata: “A sprightly song-fest” – The New York Times

Give Me Time: “A mini miracle of a musical” – New Choices

Giovanni the Fearless: "...the melodic and stimulating music by Mira J. Spektor. A musical comedy that deserves many productions and a vast audience." – Mario Fratti, OGGI


Double Edge: “The powerful, moving music was composed by Mira J. Spektor.” – The Jewish Week

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Lady of the Castle

Music & Lyrics by Mira J. Spektor based on a play by Lea Goldberg. T. Carmi’s translation, Dialogue by Andrea Balis & Patricia Heuermann.  Chamber opera in One Act, two scenes, approx. 60 min.

The time and place: an old European castle, September 1947.

Scored for coloratura-soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, flute, cello, continuo (keyboard or guitar). Voice & Piano score available © 1982.

The original version was scored for four voices, flute, cello and 12-string folk guitar. In the voice & piano score the piano or harpsichord continuo was realized by Harry Fuchs. Flute & cello parts are available. If possible a folk guitar or zither could double the keyboard.

The play and opera are based on a true story about one of the “Hidden Children,” a teenage girl who was hidden by an old man in a crumbling European castle after the Holocaust. She is found on a stormy night by Dora, a social worker who rescues children. The chamber opera Lady of the Castle was heard in NYC, Long Island, Massachusetts, Berlin and London. The British production is available on an Original Cast Recordings CD.

Passion of Lizzie Borden

Music by Mira J. Spektor. Libretto is based on two poems by Ruth Whitman, My Daughter the Cypress & The Passion of Lizzie Borden. 15 minutes. A short opera about the famous murder case. Videotaped by Pratt Institute for cable TV.

Cast: Lizzie Borden’s Mother, contralto.
|Narrator & voices; spoken role.
Lizzie Borden, soprano.
Lizzie’s sister Emma, mezzo-soprano.
Scored for piano, violin or flute & cello.

“A ‘very short opera’ to evocative poetry by Ruth Whitman… (Ms. Spektor) an interesting composer… an impassioned duet for Lizzie and her sister was well done by Barbara Ann Peters and Constance Beavon.” (The New York Times, John Rockwell, 11/1985)

Villa Diodati

Music by Mira Spektor. Libretto by Colette Inez. 30-minute version. 1993.

Cast: Mary Shelley, soprano.
Percy B. Shelley, tenor.
Byron & Frankenstein’s Monster, bass-baritone.
Piano, solo viola (for the Monster’s aria only).



A seven-minute opera about a mother and a daughter. Scored for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano—on poems by the composer. Music by Mira J. Spektor. 1997.

Ladies of Romance

A seven-minute opera-buffo about some heroines and their heroes in literature. Music by Mira J. Spektor. Lyrics by June Siegel. 1980.


The Housewives’ Cantata

The first funny feminist musical 1800-1999.
Music by Mira J. Spektor. Lyrics by June Siegel. 20 Songs. 1975.


“A sprightly song fest” - The New York Times

“The humor is fresh and pointed” - The Daily News

“A feminist musical… light and frothy on the outside with a stinging bit inside” – Long Island Press

“The music ranges from rag to romantic. The lyrics are pointed and witty” – South Shore Record

“Revue cause for delight… Sharp, funny… spares no one” – St. Paul Pioneer Press

Give Me Time

A 17-minute musical. Music by Mira J. Spektor. Lyrics by June Siegel, Mira J. Spektor and Caroline Crippen. 1996.

Two Microbes from Mars

A short sci-fi musical. Music by Mira J. Spektor. Commissioned by Golden Fleece Ltd., 2002.


Sixty art songs and duets, approx. three minutes each (title list available) scored for voice and piano, composed to English, French and German poems and lyrics by various writers including Caroline Crippen, William Dickey, Phyllis McGuinley, Wolfgang von Goethe, Contesse de Noaille, Lily Nussbaum, Rutebeuf, Percy Shelley, June Siegel, Mira J. Spektor.

Three Songs for Baritone

The Monster’s Song. Text by Colette Inez. Baritone & solo viola (viola part available).

Sunday Psalm. Poem by Phyllis McGinley. Voice & piano.

Indian Summer. Poem by Mira J. Spektor. Voice & piano.

Georgina Press BMI.

Indian Serenade

On Poem by Percy B. Shelley for tenor and piano.

Georgina Press BMI. © 1998. Voice & piano.

108 Two Songs on Poems by Lilly Nussbaum (a young poet) for soprano or mezzo-soprano and piano.  8-17210010-8

Paracheech Tea.


Two Bedtime Songs

Two Songs on Poems by William Dickey 

Trois Chansons Française -Three French Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano

Emerveillement - Poem by Anna Comtesse de Noaille (1876-1933) 

La Complainte de Rutebeuf - Poem by 13th Century Poet Rutebeuf

Il Neige dans mon Coeur  Lyrics by Mira J. Spektor

Drei Neue Lieder - Three German Songs  New Settings of Poems by Wolfgang von Goethe for Soprano and Piano


Soll last mich scheinen

Der MussensohnThree Cabaret Songs

Vocal Chamber Music

Four Songs on Poems by Ruth Whitman

Four Songs. For medium voice, flute or violin and cello. (Performed at the residence of Prime Minister Menachem Begin in Jerusalem). 11 minutes. 1973.

Love is More Thicker Than Forget 

A 3-minute song on poem by e.e. cummings. For three women’s voices or 3-part chorus, violin and piano. Music by Mira J. Spektor.

Voice in the Wind

A 4-minute vocalise for mezzo-soprano and cello or tape. (from film score Double Edge). Music by Mira J. Spektor. 1982

Magen Yerushalaim

A 3-minute piece for two-part children’s chorus or solo soprano and mezzo-soprano. 1980. Music and Lyrics by Mira J. Spektor. 1980.

The Monster’s Song

A 4-minute song from the chamber opera Mary Shelley. Music by Mira J. Spektor. Text by Collette Inez. Scored for baritone and viola. 1993..

Summer & Winter Songs

Six Songs. Music, Lyrics & Poems by Mira J. Spektor. Mezzo-soprano, harp or piano.; Narrator optional. Voice/piano score available. Georgina Press BMI. © 1997. 12 minutes.

from The Cold Seashore (poem)

Sea-song (song)

Candles Bright (song) – Lyrics by Rabbi Louis I. Newman

Summer (song)

Hotel (poem)

Winter Lullaby (song)

Call Me (a bedtime song)

the hole in the ceiling (poem)

The Dance (song)

Songs by Mira

A program for voice and piano (15 songs and two duets)  Music by Mira J. Spektor to lyrics by Carolyn Crippen, William Dickey, Phyllis McGinley, Wolfgang von Goethe, Lilly Nussbaum, Anna Comtesse de Noaille, Rutebeuf, June Siegel, Mira J. Spektor.

Demo CD of this collection available.  

All music published by Georgina Press BMI

Tele (212) 362-2277   Fax (212) 799-5967 or email mirajspektor@earthlink.net

Chamber Works

Provincetown Suite

An 11-minute instrumental suite for flute, viola and piano, based on the score for TV documentary entitled Art in Its Soul. 1987.

Trio: Voices

1. Voice in the Wind
2. Round & Lullaby
3. Duo per Tre Voce

This short Trio for violin, clarinet and cello, was written for the Lumina Quartet, it starts on a somber note, doesn’t allow itself to cry, and ends on a joke. 10 minutes long. 2001.

Inbal’s Cello Song

A short piece with an Israeli flavor. A cello and piano begin a lyrical song—it becomes a joyous and then a frantic Hora-dance before the memory of the song returns.


Feature film Double Edge starring Faye Dunaway1992.

Feature film High Stakes, 1999. Music, lyrics and “end credits” Theme Song by Mira J. Spektor.


PBS Documentaries

Art in Its Soul 1987. Commissioned by the Cape Museum of Fine Arts, seen at the Whitney Museum and WGBH-TV, Silver Apple Award.

Serious Comics. 1994. Written for WNYC-TV and shown on PBS Channel 13, in 1996.


Equity Showcases:

Galina lives. 1993, 2002. This theatre music was written for Bernice Lee’s play.


Lady of the Castle

Mira Chante/French Love Songs

Lullabies & Lovesongs

The Housewives’ Cantata

About the new CD of The Housewives’ Cantata

“…the tale of three women, one of whom goes from housewife to becoming the first woman President of the United States. But it’s the songs which constitute the backbone, songs with perception and real bite… Ms. Siegel’s trenchant lyrics… the brush of whit. Ms. Spektor’s music is a furtive lesson in eclectisism, soaking up styles from Kibbutz clap to Stainless Steelware Alley… There is always a nice balance between the 
touching and the tart and the important gift of compatibility with the lyrics. She also sings with a vocal resonance uniquely hers, floating somewhere between Lottye Lenya and Shoshana Damari, a vast space to be sure… The other singers, well-trained, are assets… particularly the sweet soprano of Ms. Lowin… Mr. Chelsi, the sole male voice sings all the masculine roles well.” – The Music Connoisseur.

Original Cast Records, Box 496, Georgetown, CT 06829. $14.95

Recording / CD Labels

Concert Hall


Guilde International du Disque,

Original Cast Records



Music Publishers

Georgina Press


Hildegard Press

List of Available Published Music by Mira J. Spektor

Product #     Product Name     ISBN

101            Lady of the Castle              8-17210010-1
102            Passion of Lizzie Borden 8-17210010-2
103            Mary Shelley                   8-17210010-3
104           The Housewives Cantata  8-17210010-4
105            Give me Time                  8-17210010-5
106           Three Songs for Baritone  8-17210010-6
107            Indian Serenade               8-17210010-7
108           Two Songs on Poems by Lily Nussbaum 8-17210010-8
109           Two Bedtime Songs         8-17210010-9
110           Two Songs on Poems by William Dickey 8-17210010-10
111           Emerveillement                 8-17210010-11
112           La Complainte de Rutebeuf 8-17210010-12
113           Drei Neue Lieder                8-17210010-13
114          Three Cabaret Songs           8-17210010-14
115          Four Songs on Poems by Ruth Whitman 8-17210010-15
116          Love is more Thicker Than Forget 8-17210010-16
117          Voice in the Wind               8-17210010-17
118          Magen Yerushalaim           8-17210010-18
119          Casino                        8-17210010-19
120          Ladies of Romance             8-17210010-20
121          Summer & Winter Songs   8-17210010-21